Event registration opens May 1st 10am (NZ Time)


Prices for KAN 2017

Base Registration – $85 (Must be purchased to gain venue access, classes and trading)

Class Fee’s – $65 each  (all 3 hours long – some classes may have additional materials fee’s)

Trading Table Fri/Sat/Sun – $150  (a single 2m x 1.5m space, table provided)

Trading Table Sunday – $70 (no event registration required)

Retreat Soiree & Fashion Event – $20 (Drinks Own Care)

The Soiree is a new event held from 5.30 – 7.30pm on Saturday evening. A chance for all of us to come together, get our KAL or CAL knits on, have some fun, win prizes and view some of the stunning designs from Truly Myrtle.

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The eagle eyed may have noticed that their have been price increases across the board this year.  This has been essential to be able to continue to run KAN and reinvest back to make sure I give you the very best event that I can (KAN!).  I fund this event solely on my own and I work very hard to keep the costs down for those wanting to attend KAN, but my costs have increased and I have not yet drawn any income at all from the event.  KAN is extremely price competitive internationally and we are now and international event.  The costs increase equates to one skein of  yarn if you register and take a few classes – and I’m sure you will agree that that is a small sacrifice to pay in order to keep this wonderful event alive and viable in the future.

Cheers Maree