Workshops 2017

Classes chosen & programme complete!

Download Class Guide HERE

I have had a busy few weeks putting together the largest, most comprehensive & international KAN class schedule yet!

Feedback from you was invaluable with the key requests being...

  1. More classes
  2. More international tutors
  3. Please repeat previous KAN favourites
  4. More chances to book popular classes
  5. Clear coding of skill level for each class
  6. A mix of classes across all skill levels

So I have obliged with…

  • 24 classes across 5 streams
  • 2 international tutors – Charles Gandy from the USA & Georgie Nicolson from Australia
  • 7 classes repeated from previous years
  • 4 most popular classes repeated from last year
  • 11 new classes never offered at KAN before
  • A new colour coded skills guide
  • Multiple classes covering all skills across the board.

I am publishing the basic guide now, so you can start your planning ahead of registration on May 1st and I am working on a comprehensive KAN Class guide, with images, tutor profiles and more in depth information about each class.

This has been a labour of love over the past couple of weeks & thank you to all the tutors who have made submissions.  Please now take the time to download the PDF guide and look over it.

Cheers Maree xxx