Classes for KAN -TEN

This lineup is proving to be the best yet.  Please take time to plan your workshops and I strongly suggest selecting a first, second or even third choice classes.

Classes do sell out EXTREMELY quickly.  It’s like trying to book tickets for a concert, so please don’t be disappointed if you miss out.  I have 25% more classes this year with a number of classes repeated, so you have more chances to get the classes you desire.

All classes are 3 hours long and are $69 each and the 90 minutes Skeinz Sessions will be $45

The Skeinz Sessions & Sunday Sessions are able to be purchased WITHOUT having a KAN registration.

Otherwise a KAN base registration must be purchased in order to unlock and book classes.


Friday  August 9am – 12pm

Mix your Six with StevenBe

Are you ready to play the game of modifications?

Using a StevenBe pattern as a base, free yourself from the traditional boundaries of the pattern by learning to modify the written instructions and let your imagination come to life.

Tough Sock Naturally with Clare Devine

This workshop we will explore alternatives to superwash wool nylon blends for socks.

Considering the materials used and what positive choices we can make for our environment.

This workshop will focus on the wide range of natural fibres available and how to select the best options for sock knitting. Discuss natural strengtheners to re-enforce hard wearing areas and stitch patterns that add durability to heels and toes and other areas needing a little extra support.

Continental Knitting with Frances Stachl

Continental Knitting is often considered faster and more efficient by many knitters. A mystery to many, this technique is a great one to master and Frances is just the lady to demystify if for you. This is one of KAN’s most popular classes

Double Knitting with James Herbison

Double knitting (also known as reversible stocking stitch) is a clever technique that produces a reversible, double thick fabric with no wrong side. You work both sides of the fabric at the same time. Beware – this technique is seriously addictive!

Tackling Underarms with Georgie Nicolson

How often do you knit a cardigan or sweater project but just hate how the under arms fit or look.  This class will walk you through a number of different approaches to creating the perfect underarm to give you the most flattering and comfortable fit

Steeking with Morag McKenzie

Taking to your knitting with scissors feels like an unholy act but Morag will explain when steeking is best to be used, basic steek techniques and how steeking can revolutionise your knitting. Be brave, get the snip!

Classic Cables with Nikki Jones

A repeat of last year’s wildly popular class.  Nikki explains the fundamentals of cables, how they travel and the journey you can take with the magical art of classic cabling.

Photography for Social Media with Deb Moore

When we make, we need to share! Whether it is on Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram or just for yourself. Taking great pictures of your work is easier than ever before with cameras in our phone and tablets. Deb will look the greatest photo hacks to get the best out of your crafty images.


Friday 25th August 1.30pm – 4.30pm


Know your Colours, Know Yourself with StevenBe

What do your colour choices say about you? Stuck in a colour rut?

Steven will dive into your knit and colour choices and help guide you through what colours you should be working with that will truly represent yourself. Blow your mind into your future colour potential.

In the Round & Upside Down with Georgie Nicolson

Stitch dictionaries are an absolute bible for knitters. Unfortunately for the modern knitter, the stitch patterns in such books are usually designed to be knit flat from the bottom up.  In this class you will take existing stitch patterns and explore their potential to be converted to circular and/or top-down knitting.

DYO Socks with Clare Devine

Do you find yourself day-dreaming about the perfect knitted socks but you just can’t find a design that ticks all

the boxes? -Why not design your own socks?

This workshop will cover the process of conceptualising and designing your own socks. During the workshop

you will work through the process of translating your inspiration source into a pair of gorgeous knitted socks.

Masterclass Techniques with Nanette Cormack

The most popular class in KAN history & it seemed only appropriate to welcome it back for KAN-TEN.

This techniques class shows there is life beyond the just one or two cast on’s, cast off’s and other simple techniques we rely on day to day. This is the perfect class to brush up on your skills or if you are ready to go next level with your knitting & Nanette has added a few other extra treasures to the class especially for this year.

Persian Poppies with James Herbison

Kaffe Fassett’s Persian Poppies is one of the most enduring colour work designs. James taught this class in year one of KAN and with the desire and hunger for all things colour work KAN-TEN is the perfect time to bring this class back. James will help guide you to get the most from this technique and how to make your own field of stunning Persian Poppies.

Brioche Knitting with Mira Bradshaw

Brioche is the hot technique of the moment. Learn the mysteries of brioche, from one colour to two colour and more. Mira will unlock this visually stunning and effective stitch which will open up so many patterns and designs which jst drip – wow.

Introduction to Lace with Sue Schreuder

Back by popular demand Sue’s introductory class to lace knitting.  She covers how simple increases and decreases can unlock something truly magical. These will be holes in your knitting you’ll want to make!

Make your own Mandala with Alia Bland

Mandala blocks and motifs are the wildly vibrant and visually spectacular crocheted blocks that make you swoon. Alia will help demystify Mandala’s for you and have you creating your very own visual symphony.


Saturday 24th August 9am – 12pm

Know your Colours, Know Yourself with StevenBe (Encore Session)

See Stream Two for details

Ultimate Guide to Gauge & Substitutions with Clare Devine

Found your dream sweater project but simply can’t get gauge?

Want to substitute yarn for something more accessible or have some dreamy yarn but want to make sure you pick the perfect pattern for it?

In this workshop you will dissect the gauge swatch, why do you need to swatch, what can a well-made swatch tell us, how to make sure your swatch gives us an accurate representation of tension and what to do when our gauge swatch doesn’t match the specified tension of a pattern.

We will discuss yarn properties and how to make sure your yarn substitutions are simply sublime.

Tackling Underarms with Georgie Nicolson (Encore Session)

See Stream One for details

Scandinavian Knitting Traditions with Helene Dehmer

In this class you will take a journey through Scandinavian knitting traditions. You will look at various types of patterns associated with the different Scandinavian countries. What did chickens have to do with knitting in Denmark in the 70’s? What is a Norwegian purl? And what’s the difference between a ‘lice’ and a ‘flea’ in a traditional Lusekofta?

You will also be introduced to some popular contemporary knitting designers from Scandinavia.

Knit to Fit with Libby Jonson

Libby will cover all the elements to ensure when selecting your size for you next project it will fit perfectly. It covers correct measurement taking, gauging size and shaping to complete a garment that will not only fit but flatter.

Superior Shaping  Beyond the B Cup with Morag McKenzie

Struggle to get some defined shape into your garment projects to give you the perfect fit, silhouette and shape?

Morag will share with you her, not so secret, super bust darts – how best to apply them into your existing favourite pattern and how to make those simple waist and hip shaping’s that will flatter your figure and feeling fabulous.

Two Handed Stranded Colour for Lazy Knitters with Frances Stachl

Frances is here to help you achieve stunning colour work with the minimum amount of fuss, fumbles or frustration. A great technique for adding some pizazz to plain projects.

Skeinz Sessions

Beginners Crochet with Sofia Moers – Kennedy (2 x 45min sessions)

Learn to become a hooker – in the best possible taste of course!  Sofia’s wildly popular beginners crochet is back – learn the crochet essentials, hook technique, basic stitches & more. Open to the public, no KAN registration needed.


Saturday 24th August 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Mix your Six with StevenBe (Encore Session)

See Stream One for Details

Masterclass Techniques with Nanette Cormack (Encore Session)

See Stream Two for details

Ultimate Mending Guide for Hand Knits – with Georgie Nicolson

The skills of mending seem to have been lost over time, but after spending so much time hand making a garment, it makes sense to know how to fix it if something goes wrong, right?

This class will give you the tools to fix those precious knits, rediscover those lost mending techniques to keep your knits lasting longer.

Applying Stitching ON your Knitting – with Susan Hagedorn

The skills of applying embroidered or duplicate stitches on your knitting help you create innovation and colour work and design unable to achieve during the knitting process. Susan will take you through some popular techniques that will adding extra colour to new and existing knits in your wardrobe.

Irish Crochet – with Cheryll Lyal

This beautiful form of crocheted lacework created stunning fabrics and motifs that hark back to another time. Cheryll will share with you the techniques for taking the basic crochet stitches and take them well beyond the everyday to the sublime.

Sweary Lace – With Lara Nettle

It’s Saturday afternoon, you’re tired and need a class with some light relief, with some humour, colourful language and over a glass of your favourite tipple?

Then Sweary Lace is for you.  Lara will help you tackle those pesky decreases that never seem to want to slope the right (or left) way, and help you when that stitch count never bloody adds up! Plus much more…


Sunday 25th 9am – 12pm

Flower Power with Alia Bland

Crochet and flowers are as Forrest Gump would say, “Like Peas and Carrots”, Alia will show you a collection of her favourite flower designs to help you them embellish, create and brighten up any project on any day.

Tunisian Crochet – with Cheryll Lyal

Have you ever been fascinated by the beautiful texture or technique of Tunisian Crochet?

Cheryll will help introduce you to this wonderfully versatile technique of fabric and colour by using those longer hooks. Just very basic knowledge of crochet stitching required.

Registration opens May 1st 2019 NZT